capitalist consumer cancel culture

recently i printed out the letter "c" from my piece 26 alphabetical orders to make it a gift to the public.

but it seems that parts of the public were not amused - 3 days later it looked like this:

at first i thought that the person who did the graffiti below or someone from the german rail company who is the "owner" of this place wouldn't agree with my work but i guess it would have been more consistently removed then.
for sure it wasn't the crow in the picture even if it looks a bit suspicious but i think he doesn't care about capitalism, consumers nor their collapse even he had to suffer from it in the worst case.

so it might have something to do with the words "capitalism", "consumer", "collapse" and/or this "cancel culture" which recently kind of everybody talks about when it comes to rejection of racism, sexism, anti-semitism or mindfails like this.

(of course it's not a very discursive situation to put something somewhere without phone number or email address but there would have been enough space to put another message like "not true" or just "bullshit" over or next to it.)

anyway, to feed my little ego, i interpret this act of vandalism in the way that there's some relevance in this work in this time.

fortunately i avoid expensive productions and use easy-to-reproduce techniques. so the loss is negligible and i get motivated to post it more and got inspired to make this little page.

on top it is a good opportunity to give something to you.
here you can download the piece as pdf, print it and put it where ever you want in private or in public.

if you do and if you want, you can take a picture of it and send it to with or without comment, so i can put it here ...

at the end i'm doing all this in a very comfy cosy condition, while the collapse already happens and kills.
we all know, but again: the recources we smartly waste come from "somewhere else" and go back there as toxic trash, while people who want to escape this get "cancelled" in the desert, the sea or camps.
of course by upload this content i also feed the whole shit somehow - it's schizophrenic!

i would like to know how to do.
to burn down a tech store probably means 2 new ones will be opened, but maybe it's a start to fuck your updates, to open your borders and to expect the unrespected (they are not the enemy).
it's easier as you might think - even if it's not so easy ...

thank you for attention.